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Bay windows add light and style to any room

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Bay windows are beautiful and I can speak from experience because I have one in my home. They offer a wealth of style and functionality that can bring a room to life. Having a bay window in a room in your home is one of those nice touches that will tie a room together and give your home personality. Itís like a fireplace or hardwood floors in the way that when you have one in a room it seems to be the focus of the space.

Bay windows let in a great deal of light. Natural sunlight is a great thing for mood and environment. Yes, lamps and electric lights are available to us all. With the flick of a switch we can have light. However, natural light is best for your mental health. Especially during the winter seasons when we have shorter days, many people suffer from SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Even the majority of us who consider ourselves in good health get a little down from the short days and lack of light. Call it SAD, call it cabin fever, call it the winter blues. However mild or strong you feel the effects of the shorter days, more light in your life is a sure fix, or at least, good medicine for this.

Learn a little more about SAD in this article.

Bay windows allow you to view a lot more of the landscape. If your home has a nice view that you would like highlight, a bay window can do a great job of that. In addition, if you have an office a bay window provides a great ambience to work in.

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