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Making a Case for Casement Windows - Pros and Cons

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What are the pros of installing casement windows over another type of window?

Casement breezes allow you to capture breezes running parallel to the surface face of the window. They are one of the only types of window that truly allows a fully opened window.

Gliding windows, awning windows, and double hung windows open halfway at most! Therefore, you cannot realize the full potential open space that the window has. Casement windows are effective in this way other windows fall short.

Casement windows allow you to catch a side breeze. Double hung windows do allow air into the house. They just do not capture a breeze as effectively as casement windows. Because casement windows open outward they disrupt the path of any breeze that may be running across the surface of the house. Casement windows are especially good at capturing a breeze and cooling down a home quickly. The design allows them to effectively divert the breeze straight into the home.

A casement window allows you to have a fully opened window. Double hung windows that you see in most homes can be opened form the top or the bottom. Both top and bottom cannot be open simultaneously. Essentially, the window can only be half open at the same time.

Casement windows are the more secure window.

Because of the engineering of casement windows they are more difficult to break into than double hung windows. Casement windows have a shape of a hook and they are embedded into the frame of the window. They are difficult to get into compared to a double hung window. With a double hung window all an intruder needs to do to is to stick a crow bar under the sash and pry it open. The hardware locking the window will pop off quite easily.


What are the cons of installing casement windows over another type of window?

The biggest negative to casement windows is that the mechanical parts break.

I have some casement windows on a bay window in the office I am in right now. The crank tends to break and dysfunction on these windows. Itís more complex than a double hung window that slides up and down. The opening and closing of this window is centered on the smooth functioning of the crank that opens the window. After time, they malfunction.

Unfortunately, I have encountered difficulties with casement windows. I am experiencing problems with one of my two casement windows. The hardware that pushes the window out has a rolling cylinder the rolls up the length of the window as I turn the crank and the window opens. Once the window opens all of the way, the cylinder falls off the track and gravity naturally pulls it down. When I go to close the window, to my dismay, the window wonít roll back.

Because of this problem I avoid using the window. Sometimes I try to roll the window open a little bit before it comes off track but I forget. Itís a true annoyance to fix. I have to take the screen out, set that down, while I finagle with the crank and track to get the thing to roll closed. Needless to say, the whole process gets frustrating after it happens time and time again.

Casement windows are more exposed to the elements.

Because of the way casement windows open they are particularly vulnerable to harsh elements degrading the surface. They open outward. If you leave the window open during the rain or snow the elements can easily damage the wood. It happens.

Do you have pets?

Unfortunately, this is another detriment of casement windows that I know from personal experience. Cats and other pets like to get close to the windows and see everything happening outside. Screens on casement windows are on the inside of the home, between your home and the windowpane. This makes them vulnerable to the claws of climbing cats and dogs. The screens have taken some abuse. Itís a good thing my cat is light.

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