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Double Hung Windows

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Double Hung windows are the most common type of window you will find in homes across the USA. These windows have two independently operating window panes that can be lowered or raised. They are extremely popular because of their ease of use, functionality, and nice appearance. Double hung windows can be purchased with or without sash in the middle.

One great thing about modern day double hung windows is they are designed for easy cleaning. The engineers of these new windows have made this great improvement over the old models. Now, most double hung windows have a release on one end of the window pane. This allows a person to easily open the window and clean it. For anyone with filthy window on the upper level of their home, you know all about the problems that old style windows present. Now, we can finally clean those top floor windows without using a ladder. The old windows make a big project out of something that could be simple and is made simple with the designs of many new double hung windows.

When you purchase new double hung windows you will have a variety of styles from which to choose. You will also be able to choose from a variety of grille patterns for your new double hung windows.

Types of Double Hung Windows

Colonial Windows

Colonial Windows have multiple window panes located on each sash. The most common number of squares is six for each sash. Many window manufacturers will give you a choice of the number of window panes you would like to have on each window.

Prarie Windows

These types of windows always have two horizontal bars and two vertical bars per sash.

Farmhouse Windows

This is an old style design with two vertical bars descending from the top of the window and meeting a horizontal bar at the midway point of the window.

Modified Prarie window

This is a variation of the original prairie window design. Instead of there being two vertical and two horizontal bars per sash, with the modified design, there are always two vertical bars and two horizontal bars per window.

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