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Picture Windows offer lots of beauty and viewing pleasure

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A picture window is a window that offers no functionality as far as ventilation goes. Its name is connotative of its function. These types of windows are simply for used for viewing purposes. They allow people to view the world outside with the visual connection of having the outdoors before them on a large scale. They also allow more light to enter the room.

Picture windows offer a wider, brighter view to the outdoors. For anyone who has to the blessing of having a beautiful view outside of their home, they would be wise to consider highlighting their view with a nice big picture window.

Picture windows are stationary but they do have a large social function in a space! Some may feel that because they do not open, picture windows do not provide the good feeling of having a window that provides ventilation. They overcome the lack of functionality with their beauty. Picture windows bring nature into the room. It creates a wonderful ambience and connection to the outdoors.

Because picture windows are stationary they provide great insulation from the outdoors. There is no place for the window to open and lose air! When the windows are installed they are sealed very well with caulking. Thick glass and multiple panes are often used to in newer model replacement picture windows. This adds even more to their insulating power.

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