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Transom Windows

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Transom windows describe a window that runs horizontally over some kind of other structure. They are typically located over another window or door frame. However, they can be located in a wall, too. In the USA, the term “transom light” refers to the light that comes from over the crosspiece. They don’t typically offer any function like other opening windows. They are purely there to improve the view and let light in the room.

Transom windows can be rectangular. They can also take on a fan-like shape, as was their original shape when they were first used in Gothic times. At that time, they were necessary structural support over door frames and entrance ways. Today, they are more often used to let more light in and provide an architectural elegance to the home. They are a wonderful addition for many homes throughout the USA and the world!

You will most always find transom windows in an elevated location. Not only will they let in more light. They can also provide a way to expand the view that is provided. Together, with a nice view, transom windows can take on an artistic quality and create a beautiful scenic view.

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