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Are Vinyl Windows the best replacement window for my home?

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Vinyl Windows are the most popular option in the USA for purchasing replacement windows. New vinyl windows offer a lot when it comes to aesthetics, energy efficiency, and ease of use. WindowExpertsUSA is the place where you can get answers to some of your questions regarding vinyl windows and get connected to window installation companies in your local area. All of the vinyl window installers we will connect you to are licensed and insured. Learn about vinyl windows and the topics to address with your window installation professionals.

Why should I consider buying vinyl replacement windows for my home?

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the number one reason that most people choose to make the decisions to purchase new vinyl windows or replacement vinyl windows. Many homes have old aluminum windows or wood windows that were commonly installed in the 1980s and before that time. At that time, aluminum and wood windows were the common standard. Vinyl windows were invented in 1979 with hundreds of companies getting involved in the industry of installing vinyl windows at that time.

Still, during the early years, it was difficult to say who the leaders in the industry were going to be, how popular the windows would be, and if the company that manufactured the windows would even be around the honor their warranty. After all, what good is a warranty if a company goes out of business?

Many people began installing vinyl windows in new construction and replacing their old windows. Because the technology was brand new, vinyl windows were priced much higher than they are today, relatively speaking. In those times, before the revolution of energy efficiency, saving the earth, and “going green” it was most important for people to save the money and go for the cheaper option. Also, at that time, with the lower prices of heating costs, those types of windows were the economical option. Now, with the cost of heating homes being such a large factor for homeowners.

The cost of vinyl windows can be amortized along with heating costs of people’s home heating costs to become part of the value equation. Vinyl windows often save hundreds of dollars per year for homeowners. Many can now justify the expense of old and outdated window replacement.

Most new vinyl windows come from the manufacturer with an air tight molded sash. There are usually two or three panes of glass on a new vinyl window. Some companies even fill the air in between the panes with a special gas. However, some believe the gas leaks out over the years and believe it to be a bit of a gimmick.

New Hardware for Ease of use

Most old style windows come equipped with spiral or block-and-tackled hardware that function as the locking mechanisms for the windows. The problem with this hardware is that it can become tight and dysfunctional over time. Sometimes, this can make your windows feel impossible to open. It is quite frustrating when you cannot open a window in your own home.

Part of the problem is that the window hardware needs to be installed properly from the start. If they are not installed perfectly from the time they were installed, you will be starting off on the wrong foot. Your painter is usually the one to reinstall these after he paints the window.

Vinyl windows come from the factory with the hardware already installed on them. The hardware is tested at the factory for proper installation. Because the hardware is not removed from the time it comes from the manufacturer to the time it is in use, the chances of it fitting and functioning smoothly are much better. When locking and unlocking a new vinyl window, notice the ease of which the window locks and unlocks. The hardware is usually covered to further protect it from dirt grime.

New vinyl windows are equipped with an inch long steel coil that glides smoothly along. The beautiful thing about new vinyl windows is it doesn’t take a bodybuilder to open them. Unfortunately, I have wood windows and I am the designated window opener in my house. Old windows take physical strength to operate where new vinyl windows do not.


Vinyl windows look fantastic. They are usually all white. They come painted from the factory. They are spray painted on an assembly line so they look uniform and perfect. You will not encounter a paint run from a paint drip that happened when they were painted years ago. There will be no paint on the window or old caulking that is crumbling. With vinyl, it’s all uniform. It does make for a wonderful decorative and functional addition to your home, both on the interior and the exterior!

Noise Reduction

One benefit of installing new vinyl windows is that you may possibly reduce the street level noise you will hear form out your home substantially. Do you live near a busy road or have traffic from a nearby road that you hear through your windows? Do you have other noise near your home that disturbs your peace sometimes? If you install vinyl windows you will be able to curb the outside noise levels and make a more peaceful home for yourself.

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