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Wood Windows are the Warmer Window

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Wood is a great insulator against the environment. If you live in a cold area of the country or visit a cold place you can test this yourself. Physically touch a wooden window on a cold day. It should not feel cold. Do not feel the wood next to the window pane as cold air may make the wood feel cold to the touch. That could be a problem with the quality or just the thickness of the glass. Feel the wood on the outer parts of the window. We are looking to find out if the wood is transmitting cold.

Feel the wood on a main part of the window casing. Is it cold? The wood on the window should feel like the temperature of the room. Wood is a great insulator. The same properties that make wood a poor conductor of electricity make it a poor conductor of heat and cold. This makes it a good insulator for our homes. Wood is an “insulator”. It is the opposite of a “conductor”. Materials, like metal are conductors. Materials like cotton and fur are insulators.

Wood has multiple tiny air pockets in it that act as an insulator against the environment. The atoms of wood are strongly bonded to the electrons at the cellular level. This prevents the flow of electrons when a charge passes through.

What better material to use for than a building material that is a natural insulator? When purchasing replacement windows the question always comes up, “What is going to be the most efficient window that I can buy?” Keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter is part of the goal we hope to achieve when looking for replacement windows. It’s a large consideration, and rightfully so! Not only do we want our home to look good but also be a great insulator for our home. Fortunately, wood accomplishes both of these things.

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