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Wood Windows vs. Vinyl Windows

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There are basically two types of windows on the market today, wood windows and vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are leading the replacement window industry in sales and continue on their rise in popularity with every year that goes by. Letís take a look at any furthering factors that may give an edge to one window style over another.

Why buy vinyl replacement windows instead of wood:

Vinyl windows do not need to be painted. This is a bigger plus than you realize at first. The time you really appreciate this fact is when it comes time to paint your windows or hire a painter to paint your windows. Painting windows is time consuming. It takes about 15-20 minutes per window for a good painter to paint a window properly! It could take a do-it-yourselfer one half hour per window if that person plans on taking the time and do a nice job. There is a lot of detailed painting work to do around the wooden sash on a wooden window. Most wooden windows have multiple small window panes lined with multiple rows of sash.

Vinyl windows never require paint. Therefore, they will never be painted shut. You will never need to make a weekend out of painting windows and you will not incur the expense of hiring someone to paint your windows.

Tip: If you are painting your wooden windows, a razor blade is a necessary item to have for easy cleanup. Simply wait until the paint dries, then crape the paint from the window with the razor blade. The razor will not scratch the window.

Why buy wood replacement windows over vinyl?

Ok. All the hoopla about vinyl windows may have you asking why anyone would ever choose wood. Well, wood is beautiful, is it not? It offers an elegance and refined look that vinyl cannot match. Thatís the main reason why people choose to install wood windows rather than vinyl.

Wood windows will be more attractive to potential homebuyers in the future. Because wood is expensive, looks beautiful, and takes a sizeable monetary investment to install nice wood windows, they will be an asset to the home when it comes time to sell. A home with wood windows will be appraised for more money and may sell faster than a home without them.

Where is your home located? Is the home located in an old historic area of town or an area with a lot of high priced homes? If a home is in a historic part of town it will look more legitimate and historic with wooden windows, more fitting. Is the home located in a part of the neighborhood with nice homes? It is the best practice to find out what kind of windows the comparable houses on the street have. It is not good to be the odd duck in the real estate market; even if you think what you have is better. You still have to think about convincing the majority of buyers, not the minority.

Wood windows are naturally energy efficient!

If you have ever traveled to a cold part and come across a wood window, try this test. Put your hand on the wooden window frame to feel for coldness. You may be amazed to feel that the wood is not cold. Wood windows naturally insulate against the outdoors. Now, certain part of the wood may feel cold because of the cold air coming off the window pane. However, the actual wood is not the source. Hence, they make a great cold climate choice of window frame.

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